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Billing Terms and Conditions

Billing Terms and Conditions

We Accept Following payment methods

We accept  VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover Card, Diners Club( All payments that are approved by the Stripe payment processor are generally accepted).

When you check out your order, you can select which method you would like to use. After providing the payment information, your card/account will automatically be charged by our payment provider. Your order will begin processing after all necessary verification procedures have been completed.


When you place an order on our website, your payment will be processed in GBP. If your credit card company or bank uses a different currency, the final transaction price may differ due to currency exchange rates. Please contact your payment provider for further information.

Please note that although the price of the items on our website may be displayed in your local currency, your payment will be processed in GBP.

Payment Security

All payment providers we partner with are reliable and verified, and guarantee to maintain all applicable PCI DSS standards. Therefore, all data provided by you is secure.

Payment disputes:

In case of any payment related dispute, please contact our customer support team immediately for prompt resolution.

If you want to check what are payment methods accepted by Republic Fitness LTD(us). Please visit our Payment Methods Page or Click here.

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