Taurus X9.9 Light Commercial Rear Wheel Elliptical Crosstrainer
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Taurus X9.9 Light Commercial Rear Wheel Elliptical Crosstrainer


Key Features:

  •  Multi-grip handle
  •  25 Configurable onboard programs
  •  32 Resistance levels
  •  Electromagnetic induction brake
  •  Large LCD console
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If you’re looking for an all-body workout that targets your arms, legs and torso at the same time whilst having a low-to-no impact on your joints, the X9.9 Elliptical trainer from Taurus is the perfect answer for you!

Using a cross trainer provides similar body benefits to jogging however with less stress on your joints and muscles – especially your knees which can be a problematic area for many. The reason behind this is that there is no repeat motion of impact as your feet never leave the pedals (stride length: 0-58.4cm, stride width: 5.4cm).

Running on uneven ground or excessive elevation can send a shock to the bones of the lower extremities. However, using the cross trainer on a regular basis does not affect the lower limbs adversely at all. In fact, it is good for almost all sets of muscles in the lower body, upper body, and core.

This Taurus trainer features dual-action anti-slip handlebars, allowing the user to get a true full-body workout experience. Simply pump the handles back and forth and you’ll be toning your chest, arms, shoulders and back. Should you let go of the handles you’ll work your mid-section harder to keep you balanced, toning your torso too.

The X9.9 features 25 built-in programs, all designed to help you improve and smash your goals. The machine is a great source of aerobic exercise as it’s perfect for interval training, in addition, the built-in heart rate sensors ensure you’re accountable and aware of what zone you’re working in so you know when to push on, or to pull back to get the best results!

The amount of resistance on a cross-trainer will determine how much effort it takes for you to keep your feet moving, this model features an output between 10-350W. The speed is determined by the user’s own capabilities, so if you want to stop at any time, simply stop and the machine will too.

Fat burning takes place when your heart rate is at around 65-75% of your maximum. You can measure your heart on the build pulse sensors conveniently located on the hand bars and even more conveniently displayed on the build monitor. By measuring your heart rate correctly, you can then use the cross-trainer to help burn fat, lose weight and improve conditioning.

Note, the display featured provides other vital workout information such as duration, distance, speed, watts and calories – all of which are vital information markers when it comes to improving performance.

One of the main benefits which favour this over other styles of training machines is its ease of use, set up and safety. Simply jump on, select a programme (or just run!) and you can start training immediately.

Regular exercising isn’t only good for CV health, it’s a great way to release serotonin and endorphins so you can feel great too! These are the happy hormones which help people feel energetic and less stressed.


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