Taurus Wellness Massage Chair Large
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Taurus Wellness Massage Chair Large


Key Features:

  •  Variety of massage zones and types
  •  Heat treatment, zero gravity function and 3D massage
  •  Integrated operating console
  •  USB charging port and device tray
  •  Loudspeakers with Bluetooth connectivity
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The Taurus Wellness Massage Chair offers a large selection of programs and with its many functions, enables an effective full-body massage. Choose between a variety of programs and let yourself be pampered from head to toe.

The Taurus Wellness Massage Chair provides maximum relaxation from the comfort of your home, so you no longer have to visit the spa or a masseuse. Providing a fantastic solution for at-home relaxation, massage, muscle regeneration and recovery – the chair massages the neck, upper and lower back area, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves. It provides an effective regeneration for runners thanks to deep and intense calf massage options. Now the relaxation after a hard day’s work is at the touch of a button.

The Massage Chair comes with an integrated operating console located on the right armrest. It allows you to choose the massage types, functions and zones and control the operation of the chair from a comfortable position. The console is intuitive and easy to use so you won’t waste your relaxation time on looking for your desired massage programme.

The chair offers a variety of massage types such as: knead, pound, dual, roll, pressure and junkets. You can also specify the massage zone to choose from neck, upper and lower back area, hips, buttocks, thighs and calves. The massage programs not only provide relaxation: they also improve recovery after exercise, increase your flexibility and benefit your overall wellbeing. For maximum effects, the massage chair offers additional functions:

Heat treatment – warms up your lower back area to maximise muscle relaxation.
Air pressure massage – intense massage for hips and calves that’s effective in relieving tension in your muscles. It’s a perfect function for runners and after-workout muscle regeneration.
Zero gravity function – places the massage chair in reclined position relieves the spine, joints and muscles enhancing the relaxing and stress-relieving experience.
3D massage – with a kneading technique mimicking real massage it gets to the point of tension. It almost feels like real hands are massaging you.

The massaging chair comes with built-in loudspeakers that connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. An incorporated USB charging port with an ergonomic device tray prevents your device from running out of battery while you’re listening to your favourite music.

The Massage Chair comes with practical transport wheels that enable you to move the chair around safely and securely. You can simply tilt the chair putting its weight on the transport wheels and roll it to the desired place in your house.

The chair is delivered completely pre-assembled which makes it immediately ready for use. Plug in, choose a program and relax!

Additionally, the massage chair includes a comfortable neck cushion that provides maximum support and stability during your massage. It also incorporates a built-in lighting strip in the legs area that creates a relaxing environment for your massage.

Dimensions in upright position: 123 x 64 x 103.5 cm (L x W x H)
Dimensions in lying position: 145.5 x 64 x 77.2 cm (L x W x H)
Maximum user weight: 120kg


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