Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym

Taurus Ultra Force Multi Gym


Key Features:

  •  Resistance of up to 110kg in total
  •  1.25kg adjustable increments
  •  Hydraulic resistance system: less weight and more silent
  •  Little space is required and it is even movable
  •  An enormous variety of exercises thanks to the easily adjustable pulley system
  •  Removable seat for exercises in standing position
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The Taurus Ultra Force is a multi-gym without weights with resistance produced by hydraulic cylinders as opposed to a weight block consisting of several heavy plates.

The Ultra Force offers a resistance of 110kg that can be set at 1.25 kg increments which offers advantages to both beginners and experienced trainers. In addition, both sides of the multi-gym can be set independently, a feature that is mostly offered by professional gym equipment.

Due to the hydraulic system, the UltraForce multi-gym is much lighter than a machine that comes with the standard weight block system which makes transportation of the machine very easy. This means that the set-up time takes less time meaning you can begin to work on your fitness goals as soon as possible.

As well as being lighter, the UltraForce is also much quieter than a standard multi-gym again thanks to the hydraulic system. This also makes the machine much safer to use as fingers are not at risk of being caught between weight plates.

The pulley system of the Taurus Ultra Force might look quite simple at first sight however it is extremely versatile. The pulleys on the Ultra Force, have been mounted in such a way that they can be changed. You can turn a butterfly module into a biceps curly or a chest press into a leg extension. It is simply done by hooking the pulleys at a different position.

Apart from both pulleys, the machine is also equipped with a lat pull bar, which offer effective back training. In addition to this, the seat can be removed, which allows you to do lots of exercises in an upright standing position such as standing butterflies, which is an effective exercise for toning your chest muscles. In total, the Ultra Force offers about 100 exercises, which is extremely impressive for a multi-gym with no weights.

The Ultra Force excels in homes thanks to the noise-reduction design. In most multi-gyms, the weights being dropped when the pulleys are let go can be very loud and annoying for other people at home. The beauty of the Ultra Force is that thanks to the hydraulic system, the Ultra Force guarantees silence with every use. Furthermore, because of the design, there is no risk of hands or fingers being caught between a typical weight stack, which makes the machine extra safe to use.

PLEASE NOTE: It is recommended that this item should not be used in temperatures colder than 10ºC. Price-performance winner of the multi-gym test of the subject for biomechanics in sports at the TU Munich (11/2016)


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