Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer

Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer


Key Features:

  •  Hybrid air and magnetic resistance system
  •  Easy-to-use backlit console displays real-time workout stats
  •  Preset HIIT and training programs
  •  Four preset heart-rate programs
  •  Two hand-grip choices – choose between ski pole or strap
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The Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer gives you the perfect machine for building your upper body strength.

Cross-country skiers are some of the fittest athletes on the planet, due to the demands placed on their bodies when they compete, with the Scandic-X these movements can be almost perfectly simulated.

When you first look at the machine, you would assume that only your arms would be working, however, the Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer will work your whole body. Power comes from your back and chest, more than through your arms. With a squat stance, your glutes and leg muscles will kick in as well as your lower back and ab muscles.

The Taurus Scandic-X Ski Trainer offers effective cardio training for endurance as well as maximal power, losing weight or for warming up and is very joint-friendly.

You can also kneel, sit or even lay down for training should you wish to. Choose between ski pole grips or straps. Looking towards / away from or even in a sideways position to the Scandic-X can affect your training results, but the best way is to try it out and find out what exercise / position you have the most fun with so that you get the best results that work for you!

The machine has been designed and recommended for home use but can also be used in commercial premises and gyms. Built with a hybrid resistance system, the magnet system lets you set the base resistance (10 different levels) and additional resistance is then generated during training from the air system.

In essence, that means the harder you pull, the higher the intensity. If you pull quickly, the air will be quickly displaced. This works well in practice, up to a certain speed, but thereafter the air is displaced “in the way” of the air that needs to be displaced, therefore increasing the difficulty.

With the ski trainer, the training method is relatively simple to get your head around, just pull on the grips. However, there is a variety of ways you can do this to mix up your workouts. For example, you can pull whilst alternating both the left and right handles, or pulling both at the same time. If you alternate arms, your stabilising muscles in your core are sprung into action. Depending on how your wish to focus your sessions, you could pull quicker at the same time for more resistance, requiring more power.

The Scandic-X is fitted with a blue back-lit console, that is mounted on the frame of the trainer. As you train your workout stats are displayed clearly on the screen. There are also a number of different settings and programs pre-set on the console. You are able to choose a heart rate program or interval training program to push yourself, setting limits if you wish to.

The console displays time, time/500m, distance, calories, strokes per minute, total strokes, pulse and watts. Pre-loaded with 3 interval programs (Tabata), 3 target programs, 4 heart rate programs and 1-watt program, there is variety for users of all levels of experience and age. A quick / start mode and manual mode for convenience, keep the console simple and straightforward to operate.

The Scandic-X can be easily mounted to a wall to save space in your home or indeed commercial gym. We would always recommend having a professional tradesman do this if you are unsure of doing this yourself.

Alternatively, the machine does have a compatible stand, sold separately, which allows the trainer to stand freely in any room or floor space. The Scandic-X is also fitted with transport wheels for easy portability should you wish to move it around.


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