Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine
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Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine


Key Features:

  •  Half rack, smith machine, dual adjustable pulley & multi-grip pull-up all-in-one machine
  •  Maximum extendable cable length of 135cm
  •  High-quality ball bearings and pulleys for perfectly smooth movement
  •  Height-adjustable calf/thigh pads to accommodate all users and exercises
  •  2 x 90kg weight stacks included
  •  1:1 cable ratio
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The Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine is the perfect addition for any commercial facility that offers a wide range of different exercises, the complete all-in-one machine that incorporates a half rack, smith machine, dual adjustable pulley & storage space.

The Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment from the Taurus Pro range, with several different functions that make it the complete all-in-one machine.

The machine is a half rack, smith machine, dual adjustable pulley, multi grip pull up frame, core trainer, T-bar row and storage for barbells and weight plates.

Half Rack: The half rack includes spotters; one long pair and one short pair of bar rests that guarantee maximum safety during your workouts.

Smith Machine: Give your arms, legs, chest and shoulders more definition by working out with the built-in smith machine, which offers a load capacity of up to 200kg. You can also add a Taurus adjustable / incline / decline or flat weight bench to offer a greater variety of exercises.

Dual Pulley: With adjustable height selectors, you can easily change the focus of your workout to a different part of your body to target different muscle groups. The dual adjustable pulley provides a smooth and natural movement, allowing you to work each side of your body equally, unlike fixed-weight machines. The built-in dip station helps you build strength in your upper arms, developing your triceps and shoulders.

A 1:1 cable ratio is perfect for exercises where a lot of resistance is required and the movement is fairly slow such as the lat pull-down. Like this machine, the lat pull-down has a cable, through one pulley and directly back down with an attached weight stack, regarded as a 1:1 ratio.

The machine also offers storage space for barbells, weight plates and accessories such as resistance bands or cable attachments.

The chrome pegs can accommodate Olympic weight plates, keeping them close-by to change weights quickly & easily. Integrated storage space ensures your equipment is kept off the floor, keeping your workout area clear and tidy.

The Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine has been designed and engineered with the highest quality available materials, making it a strong robust machine that is perfect for intense commercial use.

The machine comes with 2 X 90kg weight stacks (made up of 20 x 4.5kg weights) that will challenge and engage muscles for both novice and experienced, daily gym goers. The resistance of the weight stack can be easily changed using the selector pin which saves time during your workout.

The Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine can be used to work different muscle groups allowing you to create a full body workout. By using the different functions, the machine will help you achieve your fitness goals in record time. Here are some examples that you can try:

Multi grip pull up frame: Pull-ups, chin-ups
Half rack: Barbell squats, barbell shrug, overhead press, inverted row.
Smith machine: front squats, upright row, standing calve raises, bent-over row.
Dual cable pulleys: Cable crossover, single arm row, bicep curl, tricep pushdown, lateral raise, front squat, forward lunge, reverse lunge, lateral lunge, high cable crunch, anti-rotation press, side plank cable row, seated cable row, reverse cable flys, face pull.

*shown with optional leg press plate (not included).

Strength training has many benefits such as gaining muscle mass and protecting bones and joints, strength training helps those looking to manage their weight as it boosts metabolism which speeds up the rate in which your body burn calories, it is also beneficial for increasing energy levels and improving moods due to the elevated levels of endorphins.

The Taurus Pro Multi Smith Machine is compatible with grip attachments, including:

Taurus Mega Grip Row Cable Attachment

Taurus Mega Grip Lat Cable Attachment

Taurus Mega Grip Wide Row Cable Attachment


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