Taurus Complete Trainer Jammer Cable Rack System
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Taurus Complete Trainer Jammer Cable Rack System


Key Features:

  •  All-in-one trainer comprises many fundamental strength machines in one single station, saving space and money
  •  Smith machine – 12 height positions and an ultra-smooth sliding motion
  •  Dual adjustable pulleys – 100kg weight stacks can be added to with weight plates
  •  Pull up and dips stations included – both feature multi-grip handles and the dip bars can be adjusted in height
  •  Accessories and attachments – the extensive range of attachments and accessories add variety to the exercises possible
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The Taurus Complete Trainer combines all the features of a Smith machine, a functional trainer, a power rack, and so much more, saving space and money. The Complete Trainer has it all, a one-stop-shop for all your strength training needs.

A massive advantage of the all-in-one trainer is that it does the job of several different pieces of gym equipment. You can use the Complete Trainer in various ways. The Smith machine allows for linear, controlled barbell exercise, adding safety and more precise muscle targeting to traditional weightlifting. The dual adjustable pulleys offer the extreme versatility of cable machines, capable of being used for hundreds of different exercise types. Power racks allow for the aforementioned more traditional style of barbell training, providing an adjustable frame for all kinds of free-weight exercise.

Along with these three major pieces of equipment, the Complete Trainer also has a comprehensive array of attachments and accessories, further boosting the versatility of the machine. The built-in pull up station is multi-grip, allowing you to target specific muscles and complete core exercises, and the dip handles also come with different grips, allowing you to further tailor your workouts to your needs.

The Smith machine offers a smooth, stable way to complete your barbell training. Thanks to its guide rods and supporting frame, the barbell moves along a single vertical plane, increasing balance and safety, and allowing the user to focus solely on lifting the weight, and not having to keep it steady. This helps to keep users’ form consistent and makes it easier to target specific muscles and stick solidly to a specific lifting motion.

The Complete Trainer features 12 height levels to allow the user plenty of customizability, both in completing different types of workouts and in adjusting for their own height. Also included are height-adjustable spotter bars, which help catch the barbell at the point you decide, enhancing safety and totally negating the need to train with a partner.

The dual pulley or functional trainer is a type of cable machine which utilises tension-based weight loads to provide a huge variety of exercises. A key advantage of tension-based weight training is that because the resistance is maintained even when at the end of a rep’s motion, the muscle is continuously worked. The ability to complete an absolutely massive range of both push and pull exercises is another big advantage of a dual pulley, especially as the user can fully adjust the height of each pulley independently, providing the user with near-limitless control of their workouts.

The dual pulley included with the Complete Trainer has 18 height adjustment slots, and features a 2:1 cable ratio. The cable ratio denotes how much weight the user is actually pulling or pushing, relative to the weight loaded to the machine. A 2:1 ratio means that the user will be pushing/pulling half of the weight load, thanks to the configuration of the pulley system. The two built-in weight stacks are 100kg, but if that isn’t enough for you, they can be added to with weight plates thanks to an innovative weight addition module. 150kg of weight plates can be added onto the weight stack, bringing the total weight to 250kg. The weight stacks are clearly marked and are simply and easily adjusted with the magnetic selector pin.

Squat racks/half racks/power racks are all basic steel frames in which you can complete free-weight barbell training. They provide a stable, sturdy platform for the user to rest the barbell on when completing a set, allowing for a wide variety of exercises, such as squats and bench presses. These workouts typically involve compound movements designed to work not only the target muscle group but also to provide a wider body workout. Included J-hooks and spotter’s arms are included to allow the user to train without a partner, and these can be adjusted for height along 12 positions.

The major components are complemented with an extensive range of additional attachments and accessories, as well as a built-in, multi-grip pull-up bar. The pull-up station has five different grip types, and on the widest grip features a soft, comfortable foam sleeve to aid with those testing workouts. There’s also a built-in suspension training hook to allow users to connect their resistance bands and suspension trainers. Also included is both barbell and weight plate storage, which will help keep your gym space tidy and safe, and your workouts efficient. The attachments with the Complete Trainer include:

Tricep rope
Lat pull bar
Seated row handle
Foot strap
Short bicep/tricep bar
Two best bow handles
Loop for abdominal training
Leg press module
Dip station
J-hooks and spotter’s arms
Padded roll for ab and leg exercises
Jammer arms
Two long bars to connect cables to jammer arms
Tricep attachment and chains


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