NOHrD by WaterRower 14 Bar Wall Bars

NOHrD by WaterRower 14 Bar Wall Bars


Key Features:

  •  Choice of wood finishes
  •  Compact design with integrated foldout bar
  •  Ideal for strength and conditioning training
  •  Suitable for all fitness levels
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Wall bars are multi-functional pieces of exercise equipment and there’s hardly a gym space which doesn’t have one!

The NOHrD WallBars offer a range of wood finishes, which allows you to choose your preferred style and wood finish.

Cherry: Cherry wood has a beautiful finish and is sure to add character to any commercial or home gym. Cherry wood is typically reddish brown with a golden hue and makes this wall bar an elegant and timeless piece of equipment.

Walnut: Walnut wood is warm and rich in colour with a very smooth finish. Walnut wood is typically brown to dark brown in colour and makes this wall bar a striking piece of equipment no matter the gym space it’s fitted in.

Club: Club wood has a cool black wood stain on the sides, paired with the natural club wood colour on the rungs. This striking design boasts a modern twist on the classic wall mounted bar. Whether your gym is old school or more contemporary, this wooden wall bar will look great in any interior.

Ash: Ash wood is light to medium brown in colour with a smooth grain. The soft colour creates a modern twist on the classic wall mounted bar. Perfect for any home gym or commercial gym setup.

NOHrD WallBars are available in two sizes which have either 10 or 14 rungs. The difference between these options are the distance between the rungs. This walnut wood wall bar has 14 rungs which have a space of 10cm between the bars. The smaller increments between the bars provides a greater choice of where to hold onto or attach additional equipment. This extends the range of exercises which can be performed for users of all shapes and sizes.

Also known as a Swedish ladder or a stall bar, these wooden wall bars are a type of gymnastics apparatus which are excellent for building full body strength, increasing mobility and improving coordination. Working out on wall bars is especially good for supporting core strength and back muscles, as well as proving effective for treating back pain. NOHrD WallBars are very versatile and the retractable foldout bar at the top allows for a range of extra exercises to be performed, including pull-ups and other bodyweight suspension exercises.

Exercises you can perform on NOHrD WallBars include:

  • Pull-ups
  • Tricep push-ups
  • Tricep dips
  • Decline push-ups
  • Toe tap jumps
  • One-legged lunge
  • Bridge kicks
  • Human flag
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Tricep extensions

Take your fitness training up a notch without taking up extra room. Suitable to use in a gym or for home fitness, wall bars are a great space-saving solution. NOHrD WallBars only protrude 13cm out from the wall which makes them ideal for even small or compact gym set-ups.

These wooden wall bars are durable and offer a long-lasting piece of equipment, especially for functional fitness exercises. NOHrD WallBars are incredibly versatile and suitable for everyone from elite athletes, to users who are recovering from injuries or those that are new to fitness training. A stylish update to an old-school classic, the elegantly curved design and high-quality wood construction will enhance the aesthetic of any gym or home fitness space.

As well as being constructed from solid wood, NOHrD WallBars are integrated with a safety cord and extremely durable wall fixtures. Rigorous testing has been done to ensure the wall bars are suitable for use in full commercial gym environments.

A range of accessories* can be attached to the NOHrD WallBars to expand the range of possible exercises, including the multi-adapter for suspension workouts. You can also hook in the NOHrD incline workout bench or tie on elastic resistance bands to any of the wooden rungs.


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