Home HIIT Cardio Package
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Home HIIT Cardio Package


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Bump up the intensity with our Home HIIT Cardio Package.

The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike Exercise Bike and the Taurus Elite Rowing Machine make up the home gym HIIT cardio package. The two durable pieces of equipment are ideal for any high-intensity training session in your home gym, providing exceptional value for money, outstanding performance, and a workout solution that will boost your overall fitness capabilities.


The Elite Rowing Machine and Ergo-X Airbike enable all users to perform full-body workouts with ease, engaging muscles in your arms, chest, back, legs, and even your core. You’ll be sure to reach your peak fitness in no time.

With both types of training, you can quickly burn calories and also benefit your heart and lungs. Their ability to supply oxygen-rich blood to the other parts of the body will be more efficient.

The Elite Rowing Machine provides a brilliant full-body workout for users that will use almost every muscle of the body, resulting in improvements in muscle tone and flexibility when consistently used.

With the Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike, you will activate almost all the muscles in your body. Pedal, push, and pull your way through a full-body workout that you control the intensity of. Whether you want to challenge yourself or have a relaxing ride, you choose.


A user-friendly LCD screen is provided on both the Elite rower and the Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bike, allowing you to monitor all your workout information live as you exercise.

On the Taurus rower, you’ll find instant feedback and information on Time, Strokes, Calories, Pulse, and 500M/TM. Connect to the Elite rowing machine via Bluetooth, Kinomap, or iConsole+ Training to keep tabs on your progress.

No matter what your fitness goal is, you can challenge yourself with one of the many programs included. With Kinomap, you can track your progress and save your training history easily, ensuring you meet your targets, maintain your fitness and are consistently improving.

Please note: The heart rate chest strap is sold separately and is not included.

The Taurus Ergo-X Classic Air Bikes offer everything you love and more. Through the LCD screen, you can track distance, watts, speed, and calories while exercising simultaneously.

You can set your own goals, select the units you measure in, and track your workouts live. Depending on your preference, switch between metres and miles to ensure an accurate recording of your workout. The console will assist in counting down till you reach the target once you set goals in terms of distance, calories, or time.

The console also enables you to create personalised workouts, making it a fantastic choice for every family member.


On both machines, you can control your workout’s resistance and intensity. All fitness levels and abilities can benefit greatly from the Ergo-X Classic Air Bike and Elite Rower, making this a wonderful home gym cardio set for the entire family to use.

On the air bike, the resistance is completely controlled by the user, not the machine. This allows the user to determine how challenging and intensive their workout will be quickly and easily. The more force you push, pull, and pedal with during your workout, the more air is circulated, increasing the resistance.

On the rowing machine, this is similar. As this is an air rower, it produces self-powered resistance, allowing for dynamic rowing strokes with limitless levels of resistance. The workout will be more demanding the harder you row.


Both machines are portable and suitable for home gyms. They may be conveniently stored and moved to the desired location, keeping your designated workout spaces tidy and with lots of room.

When not in use, the Elite rower may be divided into two pieces for simple storage and to minimise its footprint on the floor. A fantastic piece of equipment that can be stored and transferred with ease.

When not in use, the air bike is also easily portable. The two front large stabiliser wheels make it simple to roll away and store, helping to keep your workout area clutter-free.


Suitable for users of all sizes and fitness levels, and adjustable.

The Elite rower is the perfect workout equipment for individuals of all sizes due to its adjustable footplates, guaranteeing a natural and comfortable foot stance for all when in use. All users can position their feet securely and with added stability thanks to the adjustable strap.

The Ergo-X air bike’s 4-way adjustable seat makes seat adjustments simple. The pop-pin must be loosened and pulled out to change the vertical distance between the seat and the pedal. Then, to move the seat closer to or further from the handlebars, loosen the seat track lever.


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