Force USA G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer
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Force USA G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer


Key Features:

  •  All-in-one trainer comprising a huge array of different strength machines all in the footprint of one power rack, and for great value
  •  Smith machine comes with a massive 450kg maximum weight rating
  •  Dual adjustable pulleys have a 2:1 cable ratio and 130kg built-in weight stacks
  •  Power rack has 50 adjustment points for the included J-hooks, spotter arms, and jammer arms
  •  Packed with other features like barbell and weight plate storage, a swing arm attachment, and a whole host of handles and bars to add variety to your workouts
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The Force USA G20 V2 All-In-One Trainer combines three fundamental pieces of strength equipment: a Smith machine, power rack, and functional trainer to make one money-saving, space-saving, efficient multi-trainer.

The G20 from Force USA will save you time, money, and space by combining three of the most commonly used strength machines into one handy piece of gym equipment. Not only does it have a Smith machine, dual pulley, and power rack, but it also has a whole host of attachments, bars, and handles to modify the three main parts of the machine, allowing for even more variety in your workouts. Made of only the strongest, highest-quality materials, this all-in-one trainer will withstand workout after workout, and its sleek, simple black design will suit any home gym or commercial fitness space.

Knurled to provide a secure, comfortable grip, the Smith machine’s barbell can take up to 450kg of weight, suiting even the experienced users. 14 height positions mean the user can choose between different exercise types, be it bench work or standing, and also means that a wider variety of users can use the machine.

The G20’s dual, adjustable pulleys are connected to two built-in 130kg weight stacks, meaning you don’t have to waste time loading and unloading weight plates, simply adjust the weight stack using the easy-to-use pin selection system. A 2:1 cable ratio allows for more explosive exercise types, and the high tensile aircraft cables are rated up to 907kg. The pulleys can be independently adjusted vertically, with a massive amount of positions to choose from, accommodating all kinds of exercise types. The weight stacks, unlike most others, are made up of increments of 2.5kg, adding a level of variability. The exercises possible with the G20’s functional trainer include: chest press, tricep extensions, lat pulldowns, bicep curls, and much more.

The power rack allows the user to take control of their strength training. The G20 comes with J-hooks and spotter arms so that the user can train when they want, without the need for a partner to spot them. 50 height positions accommodate all user sizes and exercise types, and laser-etched numbers help you make sure you’ve got your attachments at the same height quickly and easily, adding efficiency to your workouts. Tough, heavy-duty, high tensile steel will keep the power rack sturdy and safe, and the powder coating helps to avoid any scratches or dents.

As well as these fundamental elements, the G20 comes loaded with a dizzying number of attachments and other features to make this a truly comprehensive, all-in-one piece of gym equipment. The multi-grip pull-up station accommodates bodyweight work in many different configurations. A swing arm can be used to hang suspension training rope or even a punchbag. An in-built TV mount allows you to connect up your television to stay entertained and motivated while you work out. As well as all this, there is a vast range of handles, bars, and attachments to take your strength training to the next level: Swing Arm, Suspension Trainer Hook, Roller J-Hooks (Pair), Monolifts (Pair), Front Safeties (Pair), Core Trainer with Rotating Holder, Bar Row Handle, Long Straight Bar, Lat Pulldown Bar, Small Straight Bar, Tricep V Bar, Multi-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar, Close Grip Triangle, Metal Handles (Pair), Nylon Handles (Pair), Triceps Rope, Adjustable Leg Press Footplate, Low Row Foot Plate, Lat Pulldown Knee Anchor, Calf Block, 4x Band Pegs, 4 x Extension Chains, 2 x Olympic Lock Collars, 10 x Spring Collars (50mm), 10 x Weight Plate Holders, 7 x Carabiners, Barbell Storage x 2, Attachment Hooks, Exercise Charts, Ankle Cuff


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