Force USA G1 V2 All-In-One Trainer
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Force USA G1 V2 All-In-One Trainer


Key Features:

  •  All-in-one trainer is versatile and combines several pieces of strength equipment
  •  The power rack comes with height-adjustable J-hooks and spotter’s arms
  •  Its cable pulley system features a 2:1 ratio with a 160kg maximum weight capacity
  •  Built-in multi-grip pull-up bar has five grip positions and is rated at 350kg
  •  Various attachments are included, and built-in storage pegs will keep your home gym tidy
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The Force USA G1 V2 is an all-in-one training system which combines a dual adjustable pulley, power rack, and pull-up bar into a versatile and comprehensive strength machine.

A key feature of an all-in-one trainer is its combination of several different machines into one. You can use the G1 in a number of different ways. The dual pulley is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment around. Power racks offer the simple, traditional style of strength training that only free weights can provide.

As well as these two fundamental pieces of equipment, the G1 also has an impressive range of attachments and accessories, further adding to the versatility of the machine. A built-in pull-up station allows you to target different muscle types thanks to the different grip configurations available. There’s even weight plate storage added, keeping your gym space neat and tidy. The G1 is a simple, easy to set up and use piece of gym equipment, providing excellent value to the home gym user. It utilises weight plate loading (weights sold separately), allowing the user to change the resistance of their adjustable pulley easily and with their own plates.

Power racks are steel frames which allow you to complete barbell exercises. They give a sturdy platform on which to rest the barbell when finishing a set. This allows for a wide range of workouts, like squats and bench presses. These types of exercises tend to involve compound movements, allowing the user to get more of a full-body workout. The included J-hooks and spotter arms mean you don’t need a partner to act as a spotter, allowing you to work out how you want, when you want.

The functional trainer/dual pulley uses a weight stack and pulley system to create resistance in its cables. A major advantage of tension-based weight training is that muscles are continuously worked due to the cables maintaining resistance even at the end of a rep. The versatility of a dual pulley is another key feature, as they offer a massive range of both push and pull exercises.

The dual pulley on the G1 has a 160kg weight capacity and features a 2:1 cable ratio. The cable ratio indicates how much weight the user is actually pulling or pushing, relative to the weight loaded. A 2:1 ratio means that the user will be pushing/pulling half of the weight loaded, due to the way the pulley system is set up. There are 21 vertical pulley positions, moveable independently, which offers a huge range of workout types.

Pull-ups are great exercises for building up your core and using your own body weight to add muscle and definition. The multi-grip pull-up station built-in to the G1 allows users to vary their hands’ position, which in turn allows for the targeting of specific muscle groups. A knurled finish on the grips keeps the user’s hands secure and comfortable on the bar. The G1’s pull-up bar is rated at 350kg, which accommodates even bigger, more advanced users.

The main features of the G1 are complemented by a range of attachments and accessories which will add even further variety to the workouts possible. A suspension training hook is also built into the frame. Weight plate and barbell storage will keep your gym space tidy and safe, and make your workouts more efficient. The attachments with the Force USA G1 V2 include:

1 x barbell holder
2 x spotter bars
2 x J-hooks
4 x band pegs
1 x long straight bar
1 x short straight bar
2 x nylon handles
4 x carabiners
1 x tricep rope
8 x spring collars
1 x core trainer
1 x A-bar row
4 x attachment storage hooks
6 x weight plate storage sleeves
1 x landmine attachment


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