Bodymax Low Impact Cardio Package

Bodymax Low Impact Cardio Package


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Introducing the BodyMax low-impact cardio package, perfect for those who are interested in cardio training but want little stress on their joints and body.

The BodyMax H2Row WR40 Rowing Machine and BodyMax B15 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike make up the low-impact cardio package. Perfect for people looking for a cardio machine that causes little stress on their bodies, reducing the need for prolonged rest days. The machines are great for full-body workouts, easy to use, and perfect for those who enjoy working out at home.

Key Features


Combined, the BodyMax B15 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike and the WR40 Rowing Machine provide users with a total-body workout.

As users row, almost every muscle in the body is worked, resulting in improved muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance. Cycling, on the other hand, helps improves users’ overall fitness levels and aids in toning their leg muscles. In turn, both help you build strong muscles to carry you through your daily tasks and adventures.

Including both styles of training in your program will also benefit your heart and lungs. Their ability to supply oxygen-rich blood to the other parts of the body will be more efficient.

As you exercise more frequently, you’ll experience a surge of “feel good” hormones, which will help motivate you to burn those calories and increasingly improve your fitness levels each workout.


In both the B15 bike and H2Row WR40 rowing machine, efficiency, effectiveness, and style were considered when being designed.

The B15 exercise bike features a 20kg flywheel for a smooth road biking experience, as well as an adjustable seat and handlebar so you can train comfortably. With very solid and stable construction, this bike is built to last.

The WR40 rowing machine will fit into any home gym space perfectly. When not in use, the rower folds for easy storage and has wheels for easy transportation. It’s ideal for those who need fitness equipment, but don’t want it to take up too much space. Its compact design makes it perfect for any home gym or small studio.


Both the exercise bike and the rowing machine have an easy-to-use LCD console that displays workout statistics in real-time as you train.

Track everything on your WR40 rowing machine, including time, distance travelled, calories burned, heart rate, and 500/m/tm. The rower has Bluetooth capabilities as well, enabling users to connect to Kinomap and iConsole+ Training and access their exercise data in whichever way the user chooses. Although supplied separately, heart rate chest straps can also be linked to this console.

View your real-time workout statistics on your B15 bike, including time, speed, RPM, distance, and calories using the console. A heart rate receiver, chest strap, and heart rate transmitter are also compatible with the console (sold separately and optional extras).

By monitoring your heart rate during workouts, you can guarantee you are working at the correct intensity and ensure you’re meeting your goals each workout.


The WR40 rowing machine accurately replicates the feeling of rowing on water by simulating both the sound and the nature of the movement. All fitness levels, from novice to expert, can use the in-water resistance, which offers a dynamic rowing stroke with unlimited levels of resistance.

With its attractive water tank and streamlined design, the WR40 is perfect for home use and is very aesthetically appealing. The stroke movement is exceptionally quiet and smooth thanks to the lightweight single rail on ball-bearing wheels.


The B15 exercise bike is incredibly smooth and sturdy to ride and has a great variety of resistance to put you through your paces while working out.

Equipped with a racing-style seat and height-adjustable handlebars for added comfort and convenience, the chain-driven bike gives you the feel of riding an outdoor bike. A water bottle holder is also included.

The indoor rower features pivoting foot plates that are easy to adjust to match the user’s shoe size and ensure a natural and comfortable foot position. Adjustable straps also help provide stability and secure foot positioning.

Please note: the tablet featured in the images is not included.

Two years of manufacturer’s warranty are provided for parts for any home use for the BodyMax WR40 H2Row rowing machine and BodyMax B15 Indoor Cycle Exercise Bike. Please see the warranty terms provided by the manufacturer for any more information.


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