BodyMax Garage Gym Package

BodyMax Garage Gym Package


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The BodyMax Garage Gym Package offers a great blend of cardio and weight products at a fantastic, discounted price. Get your garage workout area up and running with these excellent pieces of fitness equipment from BodyMax.


The BodyMax T60 Folding Treadmill offers excellent value for money, with an easy-to-use console and sufficient power for home users!

Train effectively with the 1.75 HP motor, fitted to accommodate general home-use for the whole family! Get the best out of your home workouts with the expertly designed internal and external cushioning. The 6 elastic cushions on the inside and 2 further cushions on the outside protect your joints when you’re training. The belt is engineered to reduce noise and friction for a quieter workout and durability. It’s stretch resistant and designed to stay centred on the deck, giving you a solid base for every run, every time. Not only is the T60 smooth to run on, the adjustable incline of the T60 is ideal for people who want to take their fitness training up a notch by increasing gradients. With the touch of a button, you can quickly raise your incline up to 12% to burn more calories and add variety to your training. This makes the T60 ideal for HIIT workouts, hill sprints, and uphill walking!

Easily keep track of your workouts with the 5″ blue LCD display. The console allows you to monitor your distance, calories, time, incline, pulse and speed. The easy-to-use, intuitive design lets you select any of the preset programs or design your own workouts quickly and easily.
Pre-installed with 40 intelligently designed programs, you will never be unsure of what to do in your next workout. Simply select the program that will help you achieve your fitness goals and let the T60 do the rest! Integrated quick keys adjust your speed and incline easily as well as being able to start and stop the treadmill without any problem. You can also plug your device into the console sound system to stay motivated, listening to your favourite songs through 2 built-in speakers that offer a clear sound. The T60 also features an integrated tablet holder that allows you to enjoy other media such as your favourite workout app, TV shows, movies or stay up to date with your social media. Tablet not included.

The T60 also has heart rate sensors on the handles of the treadmill that offers a quick and accurate assessment of your current heart rate. The T60 can automatically adjust to keep you within your target heart rate, allowing you to focus on your workout. Two accessory trays will also allow you to keep your chest strap safe when not in use, or drop your phone into the pocket while you train. If you’re short on space or simply don’t want your treadmill to be out all the time, the T60 is an ideal space-saving option! Easily foldable, this makes it a lot quicker and more efficient to place into storage when not in use. Simply lift the deck to an upright position until the safety cylinder locks the treadmill into position. Once folded, the treadmill can be easily moved using the dedicated transport wheels. Folding treadmills are extremely home friendly and are also easier to maintain and lubricate as the folding design allows you easy-access to the underside of the running deck and belt.


The BodyMax CF352 Weight Bench System is perfect for someone looking for a quality bench and rack system that won’t take up too much space at home.

With three different incline options you can perform flat bench and incline bench presses at 30 and 45 degrees. Performing a bench press with an incline will target your upper pectoral muscles more than a regular flat bench press, giving you a fuller and stronger chest. There is also a decline setting which can be used to perform a decline bench press, this will activate the lower pectorals more than a flat bench press.

The seat pad also has three different incline settings to provide optimum positioning for all exercises.

The height of the rack is adjustable, meaning you can perform different exercises more comfortably and makes the bench suitable for users of different heights and sizes. The rack also includes safety latches that will keep the barbell secure when changing weight.

The BodyMax CF352 also includes a leg curl and leg extension attachment, so not only can you work your upper body, you can also improve your leg strength and muscularity. Place your feet under the bottom pads and lift upwards to perform a leg extension; this is a great exercise to work the quadriceps. You can also perform a leg curl by lying face down on the bench, placing your legs underneath the upper pads and bringing them towards your body. This is a great exercise to work the hamstring muscles, strong hamstrings will improve your performance in running, jumping and climbing.

The BodyMax CF352 is made from heavy duty steel with high quality upholstery and comfortable padded backrest. We would recommend this bench to regular gym-goers or to anyone who is new to weightlifting; the 180kg maximum weight capacity means that this may not be suitable for advanced lifters.

*The weight sleeve is suitable for 1” discs only (leg developer).


The BodyMax Deluxe Hammertone Dumbbells offer the ultimate weight experience!

Beautifully crafted, these weights have been specially designed with a rubber handle to ensure a secure and comfortable grip. No matter how sweaty your hands get, you can take your training to the limit every time! Boasting the classic ‘hammertone’ look, these weight-plates are simply stunning.

The adjustable dumbbell sets are a great starter pack for your home gym. They are very versatile and incredibly easy to use. Just pop the chosen plates on the barbell and spin on the collar to secure them in place and you’re ready to go.

The hammertone dumbbell sets come as a variety of weights which allows you to choose your own level and progress over time. You can also use the plates on their own in diverse exercises such as walking lunge plate twist, lateral raise, overhead press or front shoulder raise.

Dumbbells are great tools for strengthening and toning a wide variety of muscles including the biceps, triceps, deltoids, latissimus dorsi, quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals.

Included with your purchase is a free exercise wall chart that will help you target specific muscles more effectively and increase the variety of your training routine. Keeping your exercise program varied and fresh is great way to stay on track and achieve your fitness goals.

Unlike barbell workouts and most body weight workouts, dumbbells allow you to exercise one limb at a time which is ideal for individuals who suffered injuries but don’t want to give up on exercising.

Secure spin-lock collars allow you to effortlessly adjust the weight so your workout remains uninterrupted. Perfect for use in the even the smallest home gym there is no excuse for not getting in shape.


2 x 16″ bars

4 x spin-lock collars

8 x 2.5kg weight plates

8 x 1.25kg weight plates

4 x 0.5kg weight plates


Get ready to take your weight-training to a whole new level with the outstanding BodyMax Deluxe 30kg Hammertone Barbell Kit.

Thoughtfully constructed and made to last, this stunning barbell kit is the perfect addition to any home gym or fitness studio.

Whether you’re into weight training, Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, or simply want to get in better shape, these barbells are ideal for newbies and seasoned professionals alike. Fully knurled, the bar offers the ultimate grip so you can take your workout to the max comfortably and confidently every time!

Boasting the classic ‘hammertone’ look, the weight-plates are simply stunning. There’s also a ridge around the edge allowing for easy pick-up.

With over 30-years’ experience in the world of gym equipment, Powerhouse Fitness is delighted to offer this exceptional, awesome looking kit for an amazing price.

Making barbells a regular part of your exercise regime is a great way to strengthen and tone the entire body. You can use them easily on a weight bench as well as incorporate them into squats and lunges. Barbells don’t just target the large muscle groups such as the quads, triceps, deltoids and abs, they also challenge important stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked by other forms of exercise. This is extremely helpful in injury prevention and providing more support for the joints, ligaments and tendons.

Displaying awesome value for money this kit consist of: 1 x 5kg bar, 2 spin-lock collars, 4 x 5kg weight plates and 2 x 2.5kg weight plates.

The BodyMax Deluxe 30kg Hammertone Barbell Kit comes with a home warranty.


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