BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine
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BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine


Key Features:

  •  All-In-One training system featuring three fundamental pieces of strength equipment and more
  •  400kg-rated Smith machine is counterbalanced and 12 height positions
  •  The dual pulley is adjustable along 16 slots, has a 200kg maximum weight rating, and a 1:1 cable ratio
  •  Included J-hooks and spotter’s arms allow users to use the power rack without a partner
  •  Other features include storage, a pull-up bar, and an exercise chart
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The BodyMax CTX5 Multi Cable and Smith Machine is a comprehensive, all-in-one piece of strength equipment, incorporating Smith machine, cable machine, power rack, and more to produce a one-stop-shop for all your strength training needs.

The CTX5 brings together three of the most fundamental pieces of gym equipment into one space-saving, cost-effective machine. The Smith machine is great for stability, as it can only move vertically, helping you keep good form as you lift, as well as allowing for more safety when training alone. The variety of exercises possible with a functional trainer is huge, and the continuous tension provides a greater challenge, and therefore greater results. The power rack is a classic piece of equipment, again popular for its diverse range of exercises possible, and the pull up bar, along with other attachments allow for bodyweight-based training and add even more variety to this powerful product. The commercial-grade, heavy gauge steel construction and reinforced welds make the CTX5 sturdy and durable, and the powder coating and anti-rust protection help avoid scratches, dents, and wear, while anti-slip rubber feet keep the machine stable. The classic red and black BodyMax colourway will suit any home gym or commercial fitness studio.

The CTX5’s Smith machine features a beautifully-counterbalanced barbell, complete with diamond-cut, machined knurling and rated at 400kg, suiting advanced users and beginners alike. The bar is Olympic-sized, fitting Olympic, 2” weight plates, and comes with spring collars to keep plates safe and secure on the bar. You can adjust the height of the Smith machine to any of the 12 catches, accommodating a variety of user sizes and types of workout. Smooth, slick barbell travel feels great to use and helps you maximise your training.

Featuring 16 height positions, the dual pulley system is an extremely versatile component part of the CTX5. The high-tensile cables are rated at 910kg, meaning they are built to last, as are the dual fibreglass reinforced pulleys. Cable machines offer exercises that are designed to move with the natural movement of the body, which both maximises workout impact and feels comfortable for the user. Continuous tension means your muscles are working at all times during weight resistance workouts, increasing efficiency and helping you achieve the best results possible. The plate-loaded pulley system has a maximum weight rating of 200kg, and also comes equipped with spring collars to keep plates stable while you work out. The 1:1 cable ratio means you lift exactly the weight added to the machine.

The CTX5 can also be used for free weight training. Its heavy-duty steel frame allows for all the versatility of a power rack, with included J-hooks and spotter arms. Adjust the J-hooks to a height that suits you, along the 16 height positions. Also adjustable are the spotter arms, which allow the user to train without a partner, so there’s no limit on your fitness journey.

The CTX5 comes equipped with an in-built pull-up station, which can be used with a variety of grip types, allowing you to work different muscles and vary the difficulty. From wide grip to angled chin-ups, the pull-up station is extremely versatile. The rubber sleeves provide a comfortable, secure grip, and there’s even a ring mount which can be used for suspension training. The multi-grip pull-up station is rated at 350kg. Also built-in to the frame are storage pegs and slots for weight plates and barbells, which help keep your gym space tidy, and safe, and save time in your workouts. Attachments to enhance and vary your CTX5 include a rotational core trainer attachment, barbell row, ab crunch attachment, lat pulldown bar, and a straight double-ended bar. These attachments add even more exercises to the already-versatile machine and give you control over your training. A multi-grip dip station enables you to perform bodyweight dips, helping build chest, shoulders and triceps. For those seeking guidance or inspiration, a workout chart is fitted to the CTX5, featuring 18 different exercises.

Smith machine, J-hooks, and spotter bars – 400kg
Pull-up station – 350kg
Cable pulley – 200kg
Weight plate holders – 80kg each


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