BodyMax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley

BodyMax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley


Key Features:

  •  2 cable handle attachments
  •  Offers a variety of exercises
  •  Suitable for the home of light commercial use
  •  All-in-one fitness solution
  •  Equipped with a 72kg cast-weight stack
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The updated BodyMax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley will make a perfect addition to your home gym or light commercial fitness space.

The vertically adjustable pulley system provides a huge variety of exercises to engage all of your body’s muscle groups, meaning you can create a full body strength workout using just this machine!

The BodyMax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley features a 160lb/72kg cast weight stack, 2 cable handle attachments and a vertically adjustable single pulley system for multiple pulley positions and therefore huge variety of exercises. The weight stack ratio is 1:1.

The adjustable height pin is spring-loaded for ease of use whilst the machine is a perfect all-in-one solution made of high-quality materials to ensure you are stable and supported during your workouts.

The BodyMax CF810 Elite Adjustable Hi-Low Pulley offers a huge variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups for whole-body workouts. The weighted resistance takes the exercises to the next level allowing you to gain results and progress in your fitness journey faster.

The below cable machine exercises will help you grow and tone your muscles while burning body fat and improving your general fitness.

Upper body: Barbell curl, single arm curl, lateral raise, Egyptian rise, single arm chest fly, tricep rope pushdown, single arm tricep pulldown, single arm shoulder press, single arm reverse chest fly,

Core: High cable crunch, One-arm press, One-arm row, Low cable crunch, Cable reverse crunch, One-arm cross crunch, Judo throw, High cable woodchop, Cable Russian twist, standing oblique crunch, crossover crunch, side-to-side twist, low to high woodchopper, mountain climber

Back: Face pull, seated face pull, single arm lat pulldown, low position barbell row, reverse grip barbell row, single arm low row, split stance high anchor row, squat row, middle position row with rope, low row


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