BodyMax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym With Bench and Preacher

BodyMax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym With Bench and Preacher


Key Features:

  •  Weight plate holders
  •  Bench press, shoulder press, lat pulldown, low pulley
  •  Includes heavy-duty independent flat/incline/decline bench
  •  Leg extension/curl & preacher curl pad attachments included
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The BodyMax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym was built to the highest robust standards to meet the most demanding workouts. It comes complete with heavy duty independent flat/incline/decline bench that can be used with the Leverage Gym or separately for dumbbell/barbell workouts.

Built from high-quality materials to ensure stability and security for the user. The resistance levels can be controlled with the olympic sized weight plates (not included in the package) that can be stored on weight plate holder pins while not in use. The CF500 comes with an FID bench, preacher pad and leg extension/curl attachment that guarantees a variety of exercises.

The BodyMax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym is a perfect all-in-one solution for a home gym as it offers a variety of exercises targeting all of your body muscles helping you reach your fitness goals quickly and effectively.

The stand-alone FID bench allows you to extend the variety of exercises even more by combining the package with free weight training. The back rest of the bench is fully adjustable to provide comfort and enable the user to activate different muscle groups in different bench positions.


Low Pulley Row – it’s a pulling exercise that works the back muscles in general, particularly the latissimus dorsi. It also works the forearm muscles and the upper arm muscles, as the biceps and triceps are dynamic stabilizers for this exercise.

Weighted Squats – Squats build the gluteus maximus. This is the largest muscle in the human body and is responsible for a large portion of our power production. The gluteus medius and minimus are also strengthened from squatting, which aid in our lower body strength and stability. Squatting also targets the quads which help support leg extension and protect the knee from instability and poor patella tracking. Weighted squatting strengthens the core as a whole, which includes the lower back, inner spinal stabilizers, mid back, obliques, and abdominal musculature.

Preacher Curl – this exercise targets the bicep muscle. One of the biggest benefits that are associated with preacher curls is their ability to force you into negative movement. Negative movement really improves muscle growth as well as improving strength.

1 x Bodymax CF500 Elite Leverage Gym
1 x Flat/Incline/Decline Bench
1 x Preacher Curl Pad Attachment
1 x Leg Extension/Leg Curl Attachment
1 x Lat Pull Down Attachment
1 x Low Pulley Attachment
1 x Squat Bar
1 x Single handle


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