BodyMax CF475 Power Rack

BodyMax CF475 Power Rack


Key Features:

  •  Power rack with solid construction supports a weight capacity of 280kg
  •  Built-in multi-grip pull-up station
  •  Compact and easy to move around
  •  19 easily-adjustable height positions for included bar hooks and spotter’s arms
  •  Compatible with many attachments and accessories to add variety to workouts
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The BodyMax CF475 Power Rack offers versatility, great value, and high-quality construction.

The efficient, durable materials used in the construction of the CF475 Power Rack boast a maximum weight capacity of 280kg, accommodating a variety of users, from beginners to intermediate lifters.

The CF475 also features a 120kg maximum weight capacity multi-grip pull-up station, allowing you to add variety to your workouts. Choose between wide grip, underarm, overarm, pull-ups, and chin-ups to work different muscles and diversify your training regime.

The footprint of the CF475 is mid-range, meaning it won’t feel claustrophobic and cramped while you work out, but equally won’t dominate your gym space and leave you running out of room. Its innovative design and materials mean it can sustain 280kg of barbell weight while only weighing 69kg itself, making it relatively easy to move around your home gym or workout space.

Included with the power rack are two bar hooks and two spotter arms. Spotter’s arms allow you to execute barbell workouts without needing another person to act as a spotter, allowing you to work out whenever you want to. The bar hooks and spotter’s arms are adjustable along 19 height positions, accommodating a wide variety of users and allowing for a range of different exercises.


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