BodyMax CF380 Smith Machine Multi Gym

BodyMax CF380 Smith Machine Multi Gym


Key Features:

  •  The multi gym which combines multiple different machines in one piece of strength equipment: lat pulldown, Smith machine, leg extension, and more
  •  Smith machine: built-in 7ft Olympic bar with a 180kg weight capacity and nine height positions, with a seven-degree gradient to mimic the natural body position of a squat
  •  Cable machine: three different exercise types available: fly, lat pulldown, and low row
  •  Adjustable weight bench included has a leg extension and preacher pad attachment, offering even more workout variety
  •  Can be used as a simple power rack, with spotter arms and J-hooks as well as six Olympic weight disc storage pins
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The BodyMax CF380 Smith Machine Multi Gym comes equipped with a whole host of features, combining multiple pieces of gym equipment into one comprehensive, all-in-one strength machine.

The CF380 brings together several different pieces of strength equipment into one convenient, cost-effective machine. An adjustable weight bench, Smith machine, full cable pulley system with three different exercises, and a traditional power rack are all included in this money-saving, space-saving, and even time-saving piece of gym equipment. Instead of having to buy the various different component parts, find space for them, and then move between them as you work out, you can do it all together with the BodyMax CF380 Smith Machine Multi Gym.

The Smith machine comes with a 7ft bar which fits Olympic-sized, 2” diameter weight plates. However, it can also accommodate standard-sized 1” weight plates by taking off the removable sleeves, as are all the other sleeves in the CF380. Included are two spring collars to help keep weight discs safe and securely in place while you work out. Knurled grips provide secure and safe handling. There are nine adjustable height positions, which suits users of different sizes, as well as allowing the user to do different kinds of exercises, and there are spotter arms for squatting. Built at a seven-degree angle, the CF380 fits the natural position of the body while completing lifts and squats The maximum weight capacity of the Smith machine is 180kg, which suits the intermediate user.

Also included in the CF380 is a cable pulley system which features three different exercise types: lat pulldown, fly machine, and low row. The lat pulldown works the back muscles, the low row targets the chest and triceps, while the fly machine primarily works the pectorals, and the constant tension in all of the machines thanks to the cable system means your workouts will be even more productive. The low row comes with a metal plate footrest to add stability to your workouts. Padded upholstery on the fly machine will help keep you comfortable, and there are handles to maintain a firm grip on the lat pulldown. The cable pulley is plate-loaded, meaning you can use the same plates on all the different parts of the CF380, and, like the Smith machine, it can take Olympic 2” plates by default, and standard 1” plates. Two spring collars are included to keep the plates secure. The cable pulley system’s maximum weight capacity is 90kg.

The CF330 Premium Weight Bench is a premium flat/incline/decline adjustable bench. Switch between different positions to complete different exercises using the easy-to-use adjusting system. The durable, comfortable upholstery will both stand the test of time and provide a layer of padding while you work out. Also included with the bench is the leg developer and preacher pad attachment, which provides even more exercise possibilities. The plate-loaded attachment has a maximum weight capacity of 68kg and the bench itself can take up to 180kg user weight. A spring collar is included to keep weight plates securely loaded on the attachment. The bench fits perfectly in with the rest of the CF380, and of course, can be moved around to allow different uses for the other components of the CF380 and the bench itself.

As well as all the built-in functionality, there is also the ability to use the CF380 as a simple power rack, using the J-hooks and spotter arms and an external (sold separately) barbell. There are nine different height positions for your J-hooks and spotter’s arms, meaning a wide variety of lifts and squat exercises can be completed with the CF380. Six Olympic weight plate storage racks are built into the frame of the machine, keeping your home gym or fitness space neat, tidy, and safe from injury or loss of plates. The CF380 is such a versatile piece of strength equipment that it can be used for arms, legs, chest, and back, as well as providing everything you need for a push/pull fitness regime.


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