BodyMax CF342 Compact Folding Weight Bench

BodyMax CF342 Compact Folding Weight Bench


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The intuitive design means that this bench can be folded away vertically, saving a large amount of floor space that can used for other exercises. You don’t need to have a large gym space or a garage, this can be kept in a bedroom or living room and only folded down when ready to be used.

With three different incline options you can perform flat bench and incline bench at 30 and 45 degrees. Performing a bench press with an incline will target your upper pectoral muscles more than a regular flat bench press, giving you a fuller and stronger chest.

There is also a decline setting which can be used to perform a decline bench press, this will activate the lower pectorals more than a flat bench press. The seat pad also has three different incline settings to provide optimum positioning for all exercises.

The height of the rack is adjustable, meaning you can perform different exercises more comfortably and making the bench suitable for users of different heights and sizes. The rack also includes safety latches that will keep the barbell secure when changing weight.

The BodyMax CF342 also includes a leg curl and leg extension attachment, so not only can you work your upper body you can also improve your leg strength and muscularity.

Place your feet under the bottom pads and lift upwards to perform a leg extension; this is a great exercise to work the quadriceps. You can also perform a leg curl by lying face down on the bench, placing your legs underneath the upper pads and bringing them towards your body.

This is a great exercise to work the hamstring muscles, strong hamstrings will improve your performance in running, jumping and climbing. Weight sleeve is suitable for 1” discs only.

The BodyMax CF342 is made from heavy duty steel with high quality upholstery and comfortable padded backrest. We would recommend this bench to regular gym-goers or to anyone who is new to weightlifting; the 180kg maximum weight capacity means that this may not be suitable for advanced lifters.

Leg Curl Attachment Capacity: 150lbs (about 68kg).


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