BodyMax CF302 Flat Weight Bench with Dumbbell Rack

BodyMax CF302 Flat Weight Bench with Dumbbell Rack


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The BodyMax CF302 Flat Bench with Dumbbell Rack allows you to create an exciting and varied workout to help strengthen, tone and promote weight loss, whilst also keeping your gym floor clutter free! Stylish and classic, this flat bench has been thoughtfully constructed with durable upholstery and high-density padding to ensure maximum comfort while you train.

Using dumbbells on a flat bench is a great way to safely and easily target a wide variety of muscles with exercises such as trunk rotations, side bends, forearm curls, biceps curls, triceps extensions, reverse flys and rows. Using free-weights in a supported position also helps to encourage core stability so your abdominals will get a great work out too!

What’s great about this bench is that the convenient storage rack will keep your gym equipment in one place so you can focus on what’s important – your training! Keeping the weights off the floor also minimizes the risk of damaging your equipment and injuring yourself.

There’s plenty of exercises you can do having only the BodyMax CF302 and your own body weight. Those exercises vary from cardio workout to strength trainings and you can combine a few of them to create the whole-body workout with no additional equipment. Here are some examples of what you can do!

Cardiovascular Exercises : bench hop overs, mountain climbers, decline jack planks
Upper Body Muscles: dips, incline push ups, decline push ups
Lower body Muscles: mountain climbers, bench hop overs, Bulgarian split squat
Core Muscles: bench leg lifts, decline jack planks, bench v-sit crunches, dragon flag

To increase the variety of exercises you can perform with the bench combine it with a set of dumbbells and barbells. This way you can use heavier resistance as you progress in your fitness journey! A strength workout will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and efficiently while improving your endurance.

It will help you get leaner, stronger and will increase your muscle mass. Some of the other resistance training benefits include improved muscle strength and tone, improved posture, improved sleep quality and will help you gain muscles as you are losing fat. It an excellent choice whether your fitness goal is weight loss or muscle gain. Here are some great barbell and dumbbell flat bench exercises you will gain amazing benefits from!

Flat bench barbell exercises: bench press, close grip bench press, EZ Curl Bar Tricep Extension, barbell skull crusher


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