BodyMax 20kg Olympic Safety Squat Bar

BodyMax 20kg Olympic Safety Squat Bar


Key Features:

  •  Heavy Duty chromed and knurled olympic bar 2.2m
  •  Chromed olympic collars
  •  Padded for maximum safety and comfort
  •  Can enable users with some wrist and shoulder injuries to continue squatting
  •  The design forces users to properly engage core musculature to maintain correct torso alignment
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Squatting is one of the best forms of exercise there is. It strengthens and tones a wide variety of muscles including the quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, calves and core abdominals.

As a functional exercise, it assists in optimizing your performance in everyday tasks as well as helping to promote better balance and overall stability. Not only that but squats help with injury prevention by targeting essential stabilizing muscles, while also boosting sport and athletic ability. When you add weights, you further increase the benefits of this phenomenal move.

One of the risks of using free weights when squatting is exacerbating any weakness or injury to the wrists and shoulder joints. Fortunately, the BodyMax Olympic Safety Squat Bar has been specially designed to alleviate pressure on these joints.

Its unique shape and weight placement (lower and further forward) also encourage the proper engagement of core musculature so that correct torso alignment is achieved and maintained throughout the exercise. This further challenges the posterior chain muscles giving them an even more intense workout.

Measuring 2.2m the Olympic Safety Squat Bar is covered in heavy-duty chrome for added durability.

A knurled grip and padded shoulder rest mean you can take your fitness training to the max comfortably and confidently every time!

With chromed Olympic collars the maximum load weight is 600lbs.
Weight: 22kg
Maximum load weight: 600lb


Bar Length: 2200
Grip Diameter: 30mm
Sleeve Diameter: 49.5mm

The BodyMax Olympic Safety Squat Bar comes with free UK delivery plus a home warranty.


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