Assault Air Bike Classic 2023 Model

Assault Air Bike Classic 2023 Model


Key Features:

  •  Exercise bike with near-unlimited levels of user-generated resistance
  •  LCD workout console displays key workout statistics
  •  Great value way to get a full-body workout across all ability levels
  •  Adjustable saddle and multi-grip handles
  •  Doesn’t require electricity, keeping your workout space tidy and costs down
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The Assault Bike Classic offers a great-value way to get a full-body workout by using air resistance and ski-style handles. Push yourself to the limit with this efficient piece of cardio equipment.


The intelligent way that air bikes are designed means that the user generates the resistance: the harder you pedal and pull the dual-action handles, the faster the fan turns, which in turn creates more air resistance. This means that should you want to cool down or use the bike for a rehab session, you can simply cycle and push/pull at a lower pace, and if you want to push yourself or complete a HIIT-style workout, you can up the tempo without having to reach for any dials or buttons. This user-centric resistance system closely replicates the way we cycle outside on road bikes, where the faster you go, the more difficult the workout becomes. A great feature of this is that there is theoretically no limit to the resistance you can achieve while using the air bike, as the faster you pedal, the more resistance is generated.

Built into the Air Bike Classic is an LCD workout console, which displays real-time workout stats such as watts, calories, distance, speed, time, pulse, and RPM. Also featured in the console are seven onboard programs such as target heart rate, target time, and interval. As well as these in-built programs, you can design your own personal workout based on calories, time, distance, or heart rate.

Unlike most other exercise bikes, which only focus on the lower body and legs, the Air Bike Classic’s dual-action multi-grip works both the upper and lower body at the same time. This efficient design and aforementioned user-created air resistance make the Air Bike Classic suitable for a wide variety of users, as well as being an extremely good value way to get a full-body workout in your home gym or workout space.

The comfortable hybrid saddle is easily adjustable both horizontally and vertically to accommodate a wide variety of users. The grips on the air bike’s handles are long and allow for different gripping techniques, further adding to the choice available for the user. The Assault Air Bike Classic also comes with stabilising technology to stop the bike from swinging from side to side while in use, maintaining a smooth cycling experience.

The heavy-duty powder-coated steel frame comes with a handle at the back and transport wheels at the front built-in, allowing you to easily move your air bike around for storage or if you want to rearrange your workout area. As well as being easily portable, the air bike doesn’t rely on a power source thanks to its self-created resistance and battery-powered console, keeping your workout space neat and tidy, as well as keeping electricity costs down.


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